BAF Partners with Muse Eek U

Muse Eek University

Muse Eek University

BAF has partnered with Muse Eek U to offer free access to their online learning forum for students attending our summer workshops.  This will enable students to prepare for the workshops and give them a chance to improve their skills before they attend.  It is our experience that the extremely different methods that we introduce at our workshops tend to overwhelm students initially, because of the many readjustments they may have to make in their practicing and playing to fully reach their potential.  Muse Eek U thus allows students many months of prep work to avoid confusion, and to adjust before the workshops.

Muse Eek U contains an ever growing resource of online music education applications to help a student improve their ear training, music theory, sight reading and rhythm skills.  These applications are ground breaking in their formation and places the student in a work environment that speeds improvement and presents exercises in multiple contexts to increase comprehension, as well as application to real music situations.

The Bruce Arnold foundation feels that there is a profound lack of serious platforms on the Internet to study music. This may seem to be an odd statement considering how many different websites are dedicated to music learning and the fact that YouTube has thousands of videos teaching music. Although there are exceptions many of these music educational outlets lack depth and in some cases accuracy. This lack of depth and accuracy can seriously impact a student’s progress especially if incorrect exercises our practice for a long period of time. It is our hope that our educational initiatives will raise the bar on music education and help students get a better music education at no cost.

The Bruce Arnold Foundation wants to thank Muse Eek U for this generous offer to help students reach their full potential.