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Guitar, Bass, Music Technology Intensive Workshop

Guitar, Bass, Music Technology Intensive Workshop

The goal of the Bruce Arnold Foundation is to support artists in reaching their highest goals. We do this by sponsoring mobile workshops, performances, publications and other strategies that enable them to reach their full potential in the fields of music performance, composition and music technology. We also partner with other companies and non-profits with similar aspirations to help make these goals a reality.

Here are some programs that we are currently working on:

Music Performance and Technology
Jazz and Roots Cincinnati
Music-Educational apps for mobile devices.

Some programs that are currently in development are found below:

The MVP Initiative, “Music Vets Program:” Our initial pilot program teaches Veterans with PTSD how to play the guitar as a pathway to relieving some of their symptoms. Music has proven benefits in these cases. Our program will be innovative in scope in that we aim to not only teach vets how to play the guitar, but to raise their musicianship to a level whereby they themselves can teach music either through our expanded program, or in their own communities. Over time we hope to add in music education programs for vets on all instruments and music technologies. This program relies heavily on Bruce Arnold and his team of top notch New York musicians/teachers to give veterans a first class music education. This will draw significantly from Mr. Arnold’s publications found at Muse Eek Publishing Company. These publications will be donated to the vets in this program. Our partner Klos Guitars will be playing a significant roll by donating instruments for the veterans so that they have a durable instrument to practice on as they go through our program. There are many other companies helping us with this initiative. A list of these companies can be found on our sponsors page.

The International Guitar Awards Foundation is in the development process in Miami, Florida. This program will dedicate itself to teaching music to young minority students. There will also be clinics and performances by major American and International artists.

We would like to particularly thank our many interns who have done such great work in creating and enhancing many of these projects.

Donations are always appreciated to support and push these programs forward.



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