Bruce Arnold Foundation prepares for 2015 Guitar, Bass and Music Technology Workshops in NYC and Sweden

Hello, and welcome to the new Bruce Arnold Foundation website. We have just finished our first year as a destination where students can receive a cutting edge music education through our publications and traveling workshops. We believe that the arts are essential to our lives — with music holding a very special place in our hearts. Our first year saw the fulfillment of the Guitar and Bass Intensive Workshop in New York City, a traveling camp comprised of the best in musicianship and teaching, with scholarships for those in need. In 2015 we are adding in a music technology component so that students can learn all the new tech applications for making music in the 21st Century. We have two camps scheduled for the coming summer, including our debut in Europe, with more on the way. We are also excited about the strategic relationships we have cemented with many companies this year. Please see our sponsors page for a complete list. As always we welcome your donations of time or money to further our cause. Please see our donations page for financial contributions or contact us via email if you would like to offer other forms of support.

We will have two workshops during the summer of 2015.  One in New York City and another in Verlana, Sweden.  Visit MP-AT.org to find out about our workshops

Our umbrella has grown to include all the arts, and we welcome sponsorships, partnerships and strategic alliances. Feel free to contact us with advice, hot leads, or just plain support. We’ve got a line on some great real estate in NYC, too, but if you know of a possible base for our foundation, or are interested in supporting the one we are looking into, let us know!

Mostly thanks for reading this far. Any questions? I’d love to hear from you!

Bruce Arnold, President

Guitar Intensive Workshop on the Road in June-July

Guitar Intensive Workshop will be giving two workshops in 2015.  One in New York City and another in Verlanda, Sweden.  To find out more please visit the Music Performance and Technology Website. 

Bruce Arnold Foundation annouces two new strategic partners
Bruce Arnold Foundation has partnered with Muse-eek.com who will supply free downloadable books for students attending our workshops. Muse Eek University will supply free online access to their music educational online resource for one year for students attending our workshops